My Social Life.

Oh! Hey! Miley!😍 i just died!

Sunday! (Random)

Sunday Blessed! I had a joyful and fun Sunday. :) We ate some ice cream and pizzas! Oh-lala! It is not like a “usual” thing we do but I’m just happy because we get to spend some time together (family thing)! And because my DVD player is not working (bummer), we can’t watch a movie. Sad right? Twist it back to my jolly sunday.. :)) Got some good long nap and -shh-smoke!! Lol. Just some random things i do everyday. Haha! Well, i think this sums up my day!


On the way to San Jose.

It’s working!

Tumblr app on my phone is now working! Yay! :)) Love it. Follow! xoxo.

New Account. :)

Hi. Just created a new account. This will be my tumblr account for good. Feel free to follow. :) xoxo

Charming couple of Season 1 and 2. :) #GossipGirl

Charming couple of Season 1 and 2. :) #GossipGirl


No internet connection again? This is so frustrating. :|

Just Got Home!

Yay! :)) I bought pasalubongs for my sisters in manila. Excited to see them on thursday. Much love to them! :)